So You Completed the Spartan Ultra Beast, Now What?

“See that mountain over there? Well. One of these days I’m gonna climb that mountain.” – Mountain Music, by Alabama This past weekend was the 2017 New Jersey Spartan Ultra Beast. Those that DNF’d are also licking their wounds, rehashing the race, and planning their go at the Spartan Ultra Beast. People who completed it are […]

101 Tips from a Fat Guy who Hates Running on How to Finish the Spartan Ultra Beast

I previously posted about how I finished a Spartan Ultra Beast here, but that post was more about how it related to my overall view of how debt and diet interrelate. Although the details about how to finish a Spartan Ultra Beast may not be relevant to that base of people; that post was by […]

How I Learned to Stop Making Excuses and Love the Spartan UltraBeast

  Intro to OCR In 2013 obstacle racing was starting to get really popular and one of the trainers at my gym said I should look into a particular one called Civilian Military Combine. It appealed to me because in addition to the actual running of the course, there was a high intensity ‘WOD’ before […]