How We Stopped our Paycheck to Paycheck Lifestyle: The Fulcrum

Budgeting The most obvious and oft-cited way to achieve personal financial success is with a budget. Have more money coming in than going out. The concept is simple enough, but the practice is extremely elusive. Each individual or household has to find a way to make a budget work for their lifestyle. Sometimes it’s difficult […]

How to Shop for Car Insurance: Don’t Just Google “Auto Cheap Insurance Quote”

You are finally looking at your finances and trying to get on a budget. You look at all your monthly and annual expenses and finally come to your insurances. You don’t know sh#t about car insurance, but know that you want to pay less. You hop online and Google, “Auto Cheap Insurance Quote”, pick the […]

How This Millennial Overcame 6 Big Financial Challenges

Earlier this week, a website that I like to frequent; Art of Manliness, published an article entitled How Millennials Can Overcome Their 6 Biggest Financial Challenges. As a first wave Millennial who has struggled with personal finances, I was able to relate to each and every one of the 6 big financial challenges outlined. I’m going […]