March 2017 Income and Traffic Review

At the very beginning of February 2017 I read How This 27-Year-Old Made $1 Million Last Year published on The title was very clickbaity, but totally worked on me. I subsequently visited her site Making Sense of Cents simultaneously intrigued and empowered. She was making a living off of blogging. She was publishing her income and traffic review each month and showing the progress through the years. In the past I would have made a New Year’s Resolution to start my own site then promptly dump the idea when I got scared of the daunting task. Keeping with my own self-motivating adage, “Get comfortable getting uncomfortable!” I dove right in.


Lets take a look at the goals I established for myself last month:

March Goals

  • Income: Exceed February’s Income.
  • Facebook Page ‘Likes’: 110
  • Twitter ‘Followers’: 75
  • Posts: 9
  • Page Views: 5,000
  • Complete all the workout left in the Crossfit Games Open

Income: I came nowhere close. What’s frustrating and I’m still learning is why there is such a disparity between the number of orders and the number of orders shipped. I understand that I don’t get commission unless an item ships, but I find it highly unlikely that almost none of the items ordered last month shipped.Facebook & Twitter: Thank to my ‘Likes’ for trash campaign I was able to succeed In getting my goal of 100 Facebook likes and nearly miss on Twitter ‘Followers’.

Posts: I only had 4. My extra time was chewed up by one of my larger longer term goals
which is a good thing. More on that later.

Page Views: Achieved in spite of the lack of posts.

Completed Crossfit Games Open.

I underwhelmed on my March specific goals by my own estimation, but made up for it by gaining a lot of steam toward my New Year’s Resolutions. Jessica and I spent the majority of last month fixing up our house for the purpose of listing. We listed it on the evening of the 27th and had accepted an offering above listed price by the 31st. We didn’t even make it to a planned opened house. It was a great combination of hard work, great realtors, and a hot market. Now with the selling side set, we can focus on our ultimate goal of buying.

Selling above the above the list provided us with a lot more flexibility with cash we have on hand. This means that we will have enough to close on buying and put enough to fill into Jess’ savings earmarked for maternity my #3 New Year’s Resolution.

My #5 New Year’s Resolution: Try a New Fitness Competition is underway. I signed up for my first strongman competition for May 6th and my first 50 Miler May 13th. Training has been less consistent than I’d like due to prepping the house, but I am still confident that I will complete both.

I’m also more than halfway through my #6 resolution of reading 26 books this year, which shows you how far behind I am on book reviews.


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