Review: Next by Michael Lewis

Review: Next by Michael LewisI believe that reading and subsequently learning, is a vital step toward self-improvement. Reading challenges what we already think we know. It opens the world to you; new people, new places, new ways of doing things. Reading sparks that internal conversation that you have. My journey was precipitated by being gifted Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. It challenged the way I had viewed my personal finances and the lack of self-control I exhibited in many other daily habits. That is why I have made reading such a big part of my life and set certain goals to achieve. I want to share with you what I am reading so that maybe one of the books I review can have that same effect on you.



Next by Michael Lewis

I was a big fan of The Big Short by Michael Lewis so I had high hopes for Next as well. Unfortunately Next was published in 2002 which caused it to be extremely dated. What might have been fascinating and groundbreaking in 2002 is taken for granted now. If the book had read like a history of how the Net was changing things, I may have viewed the book differently, but Lewis tries to interweave multiple different stories together.

The results are an unclear narrative. Technology is changing rapidly? Young people are more adept at this technology? Older generations and industries have difficulty adapting to a new field of play? None of these notions is new or unique to the proliferReview: Next by Michael Lewisation of the Internet.

Lewis had a similar writing style for The Big Short: multiple stories interwoven around a central issue. The Big Short’s focus on collateralized debt obligations and adjustable rate mo
rtgages was a more defined central story. I would recommend The Big Short over Next by Michael Lewis for this reason.

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I listened to this book using Overdrive. Overdrive links your local public library with your electronic devices for free. This is my go to method for listening to audio books. If an audio book is not available of Overdrive, then I turn to Audible. Audible has a much larger selection, but does have a membership fee. Well worth it in my opinion.

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